Lukas Duskwhisk

Black hooded and robed male of about 4 and a half feet. Standing protectively over him is what appears to be an orc skeleton in full armor.


HP:36 AC:20=10+5+1+3+1 Hit:4=1+2+1 Fort:5 Ref:4 Will:6

STR:12 DEX:16 CON:19 INT:18 WIS:15 CHA:13

Feats: Wzd1:Spell Focus(Necromancy)(+1DC toNecrospells)(f), Scribe Scroll (wf) Wzd2: Wzd3:Split Ray (f) MSp1:Skill Focus (Spellcraft) (class) MSp2:Expanded Spellbook (class)

Skeletal Minion (instead of Familiar)

Skeletal Minion: Dr. Bones

AC:25(10 +2 Natural Armor+8 full plate +4 tower shield +1 DEX) HP:36hp Hit:+7 Damage: Longsword 1d8+2 19-20/x2

BAB:+5 Initiative: +5

STR:14 DEX:14 WIS:10 CHA:1 Ref:2 Will:2 Feats:Improved Initiative, Power Attack

Spells known: 0:(7per day): all cantrips, -banned schools 1:(6per day):Ray of Enfeeblement, Cause Fear, Backbiter (SpC) Shield, Grease, Mage Armor, True Strike 2:(5per day):Bonefiddle(SpC), Ray of Weakness, Stone Bones Glitterdust, Web 3:(4per day): Ray of Exhaustion (PhB), Shivering Touch (Frstb), Vampiric Touch Mage Armor Greater, Mage Armor Mass, Haste


Lukas Duskwhisk is a gnome with a specialization in necromancy. Recently certified by the Keeper’s mage branch, he holds the school of thought that the dead can be used for good purposes as their souls are absent from their bodies. He is at deep odds with mages like Naul who believe that the dead and their bodies should never be used, even if they are not human. Lukas has a faithful skeletal minion which he equiped in full armor and weaponry. Many of his spells work to buff his minion in battle, leaving him enough of a distraction to get in close enough to deliver devastating ray and touch attacks.

Lukas Duskwhisk

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