male, 6 foot, grey/green skin, covered in cloak, pack bursting with items on his back


HP:54 AC:21=10+9+1+1 To hit:10=5+4+1 Damage:+1 greatsword(2d6+7 19-20/x2)

STR:18 DEX:16 CON: 21 INT: 13 WIS:14 CHA: 9

Fighter 5 Fgt 1: Power Attack (f), Cleave (ff) iron will (mf) Fgt 2: Combat Reflexes (e:AoO=dex)(ff) Fgt 3: Combat Expertise (e:fightdef. up to 5, getsame amountbackinAC) (f), Skill Focus (Intimidate) (free with variant) Fgt 4: Improved Sunder (ff) Fgt 5: Extended Intimidate (free with variant)

Visible Equipment Longsword, buckler, full plate armor, adventurer’s pack, longbow, arrows


Murk is a mongrel, a male of mixed racial heritage, so much so that his race is unidentifiable. He stands at 6 feet tall and seems to be mostly orc in nature. He is often seen scavenging in the city and his pack is constantly full of random odds and ends he has obtained, whether legally or not. He mumbles to himself and stares with a cold eye at anyone who passes him.


Keeper of the Dead (Solo) tsbuck