Keeper of the Dead (Solo)

Second Round

In the second round of the tournament, two mages faced off. One, a conjurer put up a good battle against the skeletons on the field but in the end was felled by pushing himself too far. The necromancer will continue on in the upcoming assignment. Afterwards the conjurer was healed and led away, while the necromancer joined murk and the swordsage and returned to the fairgrounds for the other competitions.

First Round

After the first round of combat the Fighter Murk was defeated. Murk seems to be a menacing brute focused on his powers of intimidation and overwhelming physical strength. Murk will be following his victorious opponent to whatever post he is assigned.

Story So Far
Keeper's Trial

You have arrived at the Keeper’s Trial, a yearly held event in the nation’s capitol in which cadets of all ranks fight in non-deadly combat to determine their worth to the Keepers as well as their post in which they will serve until their next assignment. Cadets are faced against cadets of their own fighting type, casters with casters and martial with martial. A group of higher members of the Order of the Keepers determine a cadet’s post based on their judgement of the match and the needs of the Keepers.

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