Campaign Setting: Township of Northwood Heights

Northwood Heights is a city of around a thousand people. The small city is governed by a city council but is ruled by whoever has power, whether organized crime, the rich, or even the gangs that roam the streets. Near the center of town is the Grand Crypt, a burial place run by the Keepers, an organization that insures that the dead remain so and protect bodies from ressurection, no matter what the term of ressurection may be.

Campaign Objective:

Your job as Head-Keeper for this township is to protect the crypt and the Keeper’s assets, whether from grave robbers or from the more dangerous threat of the undead. Your job is also to uphold the name of the Keepers by carrying out the Order’s duties in the town of Northwood Heights, whatever they may be. The last Head-Keeper appointed to Northwood Heights was dead within two weeks. Hopefully you’ll have better luck.

Keeper of the Dead (Solo)